Poultice: A treatment for Boils

What causes boils?

How to make a poultice for boils?

How to treat boils with poultice?

Boils is a kind of skin infection developed on the surface of skin near the hair follicle. It causes severe pain and at times it is so brutal that the person starts suffering from fever. Boils appears like a spot characterized by the substantial bump near the infected area. Firstly, Boil develops in the form of nodule and gets bigger in size about 3 to 10 cm. when boil develops it is filled with pus and it appears whitish in color. It is quite hurtful for an individual, if he/she getting a frequent boil attacks. Poultice for boils helps in treating the infection.

Boils are mainly caused by bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus. This bacterium is highly infectious as it easily multiplies under favorable condition. If an individual is in a habit of wearing tight fitting clothes and have been inflicted by a cut, fissures get developed on the upper surface of skin, bacteria get a chance to penetrate into the body with those opening. And the individual gets infected.

Development of boils completely depends on the class of hygiene an individual maintain. The Staphylococcus aureus bacteria enter into the body when skin comes in contact with dirt and dust. Individual suffering from Boils can get rid of this by using poultice.


Poultice for boil is a soft moist mass, spread on cloth over the skin to treat painful parts of body. Poultice for boils is one of the most effective and the safest way to treat boils. It is the most preferred home remedies for treatment of boils. There are different varieties of poultices and all of them are herbal in nature. Poultices form hot compressions over the infected area which eventually allows the pus to come out.

How to make poultice for boils

Poultice for boils can be prepared with the following ingredients.

  • Onion poultice:-smash the raw onion and mix it with hot water or plant oils.
  • Potato poultice:-make a paste by grating raw potato.
  • Bread and milk poultice: you can simply mix bread with warm milk
  • Mustard poultice: smash mustard seed with natural oil or warm water
  • Turmeric poultice: mix one teaspoon tumeric with warm milk
  • With use of herbs like Chaparral, Elderberry, Yellow Dock, Dandelion, Flaxseed etc

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