Homemade poultice: To treat Boils naturally

Is it possible to cure boils using homemade poultices?

How to prepare homemade poultice?

What are the different homemade poultices for boils?

Boils are the outcome of Staphylococcus aureus bacteria. It is a type of spot, carbuncles, pustules which appear on surface of skin and Spread the microbes or germ to different other parts of body before it gets dry. So, you should be careful enough to identify boil formation at initial stage to control the amount of boil. Boil are treated well with use of homemade poultice. As, there is no side effects of homemade poultice it is relatively safer.

Homemade poultice for boils stars the healing process in a natural manner. The ingredients for homemade poultice are easily obtainable with less expense. Homemade poultice is treated as the safest poultice as it is being used by human civilization for centuries.

Preventive measure for avoiding boils:

  • In order to avoid boils you need to keep yourself clean and germ free.
  • You need to take sulphur regularly if prone to boils
  • Avoid junk foods, chocolate and drink ample water
  • Swimming in fresh water and sunshine are best way to avoid boils but it is not practical.
  • When you feel your body gets clogged you should avoid solid food and sustain on fruit juice.

But still if you get infected to boils you can use homemade poultices. Some of the homemade poultices are as follows:

  • You may use the mixture of onion and garlic juice on the boiling surface to expedite the process of ripening. This will allow the pus to flow out fast. The mixture must contain the onion and garlic juice in equal quantity. You can also take 2 to garlic piece in your diet to make certain the healing process of boil.
  • Milk cream is also an effective substance in treatment of boil. It is applied on top of the boil as it softens the skin surface. It forms the head of boil and helps the pus to flow out. Boiled Milk can also be used with bread and applied on the boil.
  • Mix one crushed handful fresh linseeds with boiling water to make a paste. Apply a thicker coat and cover it.
  • Take equivalent quantity of honey, lemon juice, orange juice, cod liver oil and apply the paste thrice a day it helps in easy recovery from boils
  • Prepare a paste of the tissue Comfrey leaves with garlic and honey and apply it on the infected area.
  • Parsley leaves are also useful for treating boils. Boil the leave until it becomes soft. Apply the poultice with the use of clean white cloth. It helps in opening the mouth of boil to release the pus.

Using all these homemade poultices you can get relieve from boils and these treatments will help in recovering the boils patient fastly.

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